What is LIFT

What is LIFT?

LIFT is a Youth Program that works alongside teens and youth equipping them with essential values and life skills to help them rise to their full potential. As we see the challenges that youth face in today’s world, from issues relating to identity, peer pressure, unhealthy relationships, anxiety, etc,,, we do find that it has a great impact on their learning and performance in and out of school. Therefore, as a team we believe that it is important that we equip our future citizens of this world with essential life skills so that they can stand strong amidst the storms they may be facing instead of being tossed to and fro by it.


Value Education

1-Day Program

Theme: Identity & Purpose

This is an introductory program that gives youth an opportunity to discover who they are as individuals and as part of a community. Through this program, the students should develop a better understanding of their unique strengths, abilities and talents as well as the need for staying connected and contributing to their community.

Life App

Essential Life Skills

20 Sessions (30-50min. each), 2 Sessions a Week

This program was adapted from the Sense Ability Curriculum put together by an organisation called ‘Beyond Blue’, that works with high schools in Australia, promoting positive Mental Health. This program has been contextualised to suit the needs of youth in India. It consists of 5 essential life skill modules that students are guided through using experiential learning activities, object lessons, real life stories and group discussions. The 5 essential life skills and the different activities offered as part of the program are listed below:

  1. Helpful Thinking and Self Talk
  2. Emotion Recognition and Regulation
  3. Life Problem Solving
  4. Communication
  5. Keeping Well


Value Education

12-Week Program

12 Sessions (30-50min each)


  1. Sense of Worth
  2. Sense of Belonging
  3. Sense of Purpose

This program also deals with themes relating to identity and purpose that most youth are challenged with due to several external and internal factors at home and at school. Through this program, students are able to identify those influencing factors and are then equipped with practical principles on how to manage them. They also develop a better understanding of their unique strengths, abilities, and talents, as well as the need for staying connected and contributing to their community.


Inter School Festival

This is a fun full day festival bringing together various schools who have participated in our value ed  and life skills programs. This festival will provide students with the opportunity to connect with one another, showcase their talents and abilities through healthy competition and games.

There will also be other activities for the students to take part in such as a music concert, food and activity stalls etc. An event like this would provide them with a platform to build their sense of belonging and purpose by actively connecting and contributing to their community.

More details to come.